Why Am I Banned?

Your IP address is associated with someone who was spamming, trolling, stealing content, or being generally offensive. Because your IP address may be shared with other people, it’s possible this is a mistake.

WAIT – It Could Be A File Error

Sometimes, trying to access a link or directory that is protected will result in a “access forbidden” error, and many sites automatically redirect forbidden requests to YouHaveBeenBanned.com. To double check, try to access the main page of the site, i.e. www.website.com.

If you can access the main page, you are NOT banned. Otherwise…

Things to Consider

1. Is this the first time you have been banned from a website? If so, it could be that the website owner is in the wrong and/or this is a simple error. However, if you’ve found yourself being banned before, it’s probably not a mistake.

2. This could be a mistake. When someone is banned from a particular website, it’s usually done by blocking and redirecting a specific IP address. However, many people that use mobile devices to access the Internet share the same IP address, which means that sometimes banning a specific IP will ban more than one person.┬áHere’s what to do if you feel like you were banned by mistake.

3. The Internet is a community – anonymity is not a license to behave badly. The Internet is a strange place. In the real world, most people know better than to say or do something stupid, offensive, or spammy. However, because so many websites allow anonymous comments, some people think that gives them license to say and do anything they want.

If you’re one of these people, this is your wake-up call.


"This is great! I've got a couple of trolls on my blog that I can ban without worrying about accidentally banning a legitimate user. Their IPs are blocked!"

By Jason Lancaster, TundraHeadquarters.com